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    Vermont Affordable Heat Act: What Comes Next 

    Vermonters deserve affordable heat that doesn’t damage the climate. This law can help. Photo: Shutterstock.

    Earlier this year, Vermont legislators overrode Governor Scott’s veto and enacted the Affordable Heat Act into law. This new legislation will put the state on a path toward slashing polluting emissions from our buildings and cleaning up our heating fuel supply. We couldn’t have gotten this law over the finish line without your help – but our work isn’t over yet. Now, we need to implement the law and ensure it actually reduces carbon pollution. Let’s look at what’s next for the Vermont Affordable Heat Act. 

    How the Affordable Heat Act Will Work 

    Most of the state’s households and businesses burn imported oil, propane, and gas for heating. Over time and if done right, the Affordable Heat Act will wean us off such costly, price-volatile, and climate-damaging fuels….

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