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    These Glass Containers Will Upgrade Your Food Storage and You Can Get Them for Cheap Right Now

    Batch cooking makes everything simpler. Whipping up a big casserole, pasta bake, stew, or curry at the start of the week, and then storing portions in the fridge or freezer for the busy days ahead, makes healthy eating much easier. And it saves money and food waste, too. There are a few hacks to making meal prep easy, quick, and convenient. First, of course, you need to find a good recipe (check out our recommendations here!), but it also helps to invest in good food storage containers.

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    Good food storage can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your kitchen, and your routine, functioning well. Containers need to stack efficiently (life is too short for Tupperware cupboard chaos), keep food safe and fresh for long periods, and it helps if they’re clear, too. This helps you identify what is in each container easily (reducing the chances of…

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