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    More Sustainable Cotton Swab Alternatives to Traditional Qtips

    When it comes to low-waste living, there’s always a heated discussion. Everyone agrees that the best way to lead a low-waste life is by reducing the frequency of usage of anything. Still, it’s not always possible, especially when we’re talking about personal hygiene products, like q-tips. Qtips, or cotton swabs, are usually made with plastic stems, which are not recyclable. We’ve probably all seen one of the saddest pictures of a seahorse clinging to a plastic swab in the deep of the ocean. So today I’d like to discuss a few cotton swab alternatives you can opt for instead of traditional plastic ones. The intention behind this is to reduce the environmental impact associated with single-use plastic items. It is a small change, but why not take it. Instead of removing the use completely, just choose the best options to lower the consumption and be more eco-friendly:

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