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    Mushrooms: The Best Adaptogen Ingredient For Skin Care

    Say hello to the “it” ingredient for health, wellness and beauty: mushrooms. These adaptogenic ingredients have been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years and are making the rounds as skin care superstars. Celebrated for their ability to improve overall skin health and youthfulness, it’s no wonder they’re topping every beauty guru’s list. Read on to discover why mushrooms are about to become your favorite skin care ingredient. 

    What Is An Adaptogen? | Mushroom Benefits For Skin | How To Add Mushrooms To Your Skin Care

    What Is An Adaptogen?

    To appreciate the beauty benefits of mushrooms, you must first have a handle on the function of adaptogens. In short, an adaptogen is a mushroom, plant, herb or root that helps the body adapt (hence, the name) to changes in its emotional and physical state. N.V. Lazarev, a Soviet pharmacologist, first coined…

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