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    How To Use Earth911 To Improve Your Community’s Recycling & Reuse Results

    “Recyclable” labels are popping up everywhere, but companies seldom provide the information needed to actually recycle or reuse a product or its packaging in our communities. Join Earth911’s more than 2,000 volunteer curators to help your community identify what materials every local option, from the blue bin and transfer stations to private recycling and nonprofit reuse programs — we need diverse collection and processing infrastructure, one that people can find and use with confidence, to jumpstart the circular economy.

    While we applaud efforts like The Recycling Partnership’s Recycle Check app and website that delivers local curbside recycling information, there are two major issues with relying solely on curbside programs. Curbside pickup is available to only about 59% of U.S. households, as multifamily homes and too many communities lack curbside recycling access. More…

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    Earth911 is a universal resource that helps you find your own shade of green.


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