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    Get ready – California’s electric bicycle driver’s license bill is here

    Electric bike riders in California who don’t already hold a traditional car driver’s license may soon have a new option (or requirement) on their hands: an electric bike license.

    California Assemblywoman Tasha Boerner introduced the new bill just before the weekend, designed to help provide more safety and structure around young or unlicensed e-bike riders in the state.

    The bill would ban children under age 12 from riding electric bikes. Any riders who are at least 12 but don’t have a car driver’s license would be required to complete an online course, pass a written test, and get a state ID to legally operate an electric bicycle.

    The proposed legislation comes in response to a significant increase in the number of young e-bike riders. Often in their teens, these new e-bike riders have flocked to electric bikes as an efficient and fun form of…

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