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    Tesla Is At Least A Little Desperate For More Demand

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    Look, I know this sucks to hear for anyone who has banked on massive continual sales growth from Tesla, but the company may be hitting a bit of a lull in its sales growth. I’d venture to say there could even be a dip in sales at some point. There are plenty of potential signs for this. But that’s also not to say it’s a given. Tesla critics and skeptics have been predicting big drops in sales for more than a decade based on “various signs.” We can see how well those predictions turned out. However, I think things may be a bit different right now.

    I’m going to first note a purely anecdotal matter: Tesla has been texting me. I don’t recall Tesla ever texting me before to try to get me into a new car. However, in the past week, I’ve received two texts from the company. That’s…

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