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    Plug-in hybrids misunderstood, Telluride hybrid a possibility

    Kia has already ushered in several new EVs over the past model year. Looking ahead to the next year, it will solidify some new decisions about its range of hybrids and plug-in hybrids for the brand, in addition to additional EVs on the way.

    Russell Wager, Kia America’s vice president of marketing, told Green Car Reports at the Chicago auto show that an electrified Telluride SUV isn’t off the table, and that consumers don’t understand plug-in hybrids.

    From the updated 2025 Kia Carnival MPV to EV9 production in America, Wager said Kia’s making business changes as quickly as it can with the evolving market.

    2024 Kia Telluride

    Electrifying the Telluride

    Kia has previously said that the Telluride, which rides on a platform capable of supporting a hybrid, won’t be electrified, as the Kia EV9 serves that market. But Wager added some context to that.

    “The market has changed in the last 12…

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