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    Cabbage Steaks Recipe – Love and Lemons

    These roasted cabbage steaks are meltingly tender in the middle with crisp, browned edges. They’re an easy, delicious side dish or vegetarian main!

    This cabbage steaks recipe will be a game changer for anyone who’s used to eating cabbage raw. Don’t get me wrong—I love raw cabbage’s refreshing crunch. But when you roast cabbage, it takes on a totally different texture and richer flavor.

    These cabbage steaks are meltingly tender in the middle, with a ruffly ring of crisp, browned leaves around the edges. A simple garlic oil infuses them with savory flavor, while the hot oven brings out their natural sweetness.

    These roasted cabbage steaks are an easy, healthy side dish (the oven takes care of most of the work!), but with the right fixings, they make a great vegetarian main dish too.

    So cauliflower steaks, move over! There’s a new vegetable steak in town, and I love it. I…

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