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    Best Natural Shampoo Bars for Sustainable, Healthy Hair

    Explore the world of natural shampoo bars, where eco-friendliness meets luxurious haircare. Our guide delves into the benefits of these bars for both your hair and the planet. From gentle cleansing to sustainable packaging, discover guilt-free, gorgeous haircare options for all types of hair.

    I’ve watched with excitement as natural shampoo bars gain traction in the world of personal care. Why? Because shampoo bars offer a practical, zero-waste alternative to the plastic shampoo bottles that typically crowd our bathroom shelves.

    Since I know that most of you here at Mindful Momma are looking to reduce plastic in your lives, I thought it would be helpful to do a little overview of the benefits of shampoo bars and a review of the best shampoo bar brands (and the accompanying conditioner bars). 

    So I hit the shower with a bunch of different shampoo bars in order to test them out and…

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