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    What is Black Seed? A Guide To This Ancient Medicinal Plant

    Love being the first to know about new trends? Then you’ll want to know about black seed oil. While not a new ingredient, black seed oil, also known as black cumin seed oil, has recently become a highly sought-after ingredient in skin care  — and for good reason. 

    This ancient herbal oil, which graced Cleopatra’s skin, has been traditionally used across the Middle East, Africa and Asia; and is now gaining global recognition for its remarkable benefits for the skin. Let’s explore its varied applications and gain practical insights on how to integrate black seed oil into your daily skin care routine.

    What Is Black Seed Oil? | Beauty Benefits | Health Benefits | How To Use | Supplements

    What Is Black Seed Oil? 

    Black Seed, an annual flowering plant, originates from Western Asia and parts of Europe (mainly Bulgaria and Romania). Ancient civilizations, including those of…

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