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    Recycling Mystery: Bulging Lithium-Ion Batteries

    Lithium-ion batteries are the driving force behind products that have redefined life over the past two decades, from smartphones to laptops. However, when they fail, lithium-ion batteries can cause fires that produce toxic fumes. A bulging battery is a clear sign of a malfunction that requires immediate attention. Still, you can recycle it if you handle it safely.

    Recycling lithium-ion batteries reduces the need to extract lithium, and reusing the material will be the keystone of a sustainable, electrified life. Meeting the goals for cutting vehicle emissions by 2030 will require the world to produce three times as much lithium annually compared to 2023.

    By 2050, almost 20 times more lithium battery capacity will be required to power electric vehicles, backup the electric grid, and keep people connected to the internet. Recycling every ounce of lithium available, even from…

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