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    My Favorite Clean Beauty & Wellness Holiday Sales 2023!

    100+ Clean Beauty & Wellness Sales!

    I know it’s been a tough year, so I wanted to create a stress-free list of all my favorite Holiday Deals, including over 100+ clean brands, that I personally love and use! This year, I’m stocking up on two things: 1. necessities (since I know I’ll use them), and, 2. some bigger wellness investments, like: Red Light Therapy, Water Filters, Air Purifiers, Sauna Blankets, Grounding Mats, Organic Mattresses, a Low-EMF Hair Dryer, Theragun Massager, etc. since these have longterm heath benefits. Plus, they’re probably the lowest prices we’re gonna see – for a very long time!

    Stackable Discount Codes

    Check here for additional Discount Codes you may be able to stack (or, use on non-sale items). Sometimes brands allow you to stack my codes on top of their sales (I’m shocked at how many do!), and sometimes they don’t – definitely worth a…

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    Glamorganic Goddess
    Glamorganic Goddess
    The Glamorganic Goddess is a healthy beauty + lifestyle site written by Danielle Messina – a sassy, young Breast Cancer Survivor with an incredible drive to become part of the solution.


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