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    Celebrity Skin Care: 4 Stars Who Love Eminence

    Celebrities have access to the newest and best beauty and skin care products out there. Plus, they work closely with some of the most elite makeup artists and estheticians in the biz to keep their skin looking camera ready. With the multitude of products available to them, it’s a huge compliment when these stars endorse Eminence Organic Skin Care products and share them with their fans. We’re excited to let you in on some of their favorites! 

    1. Issa Rae

    You might know her from Insecure, the television show she created and starred in. Or maybe you saw her embody “President Barbie” in a little summer blockbuster movie you may have heard of. Regardless of where you first discovered Issa Rae, she is now a mega star and agrees. They asked her to share her beauty secrets to help the rest of us mere mortals achieve some of the glow that she emits onscreen,…

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    Eminence Organics
    Eminence Organics
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