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    Taking Stock Ahead of UN Climate Conference: Five Things to Watch for at COP28 in Dubai

    The annual UN climate conference, COP28, is slated to take place from November 30-December 12 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As the climate crisis continues to deepen, the stakes at these annual negotiations are acutely high.

    This year, they take place against the backdrop of relentlessly rising heat-trapping emissions, record-breaking temperatures, extreme climate impacts in the United States and around the world—and yet, unbelievably, there has been a continued expansion in fossil fuel production and use and a yawning emissions gap in countries’ climate efforts to date.

    Lest one thinks this disconnect is a failure of the global climate architecture, the failure lies much closer to home—in the domestic politics in the US and many other countries that continue to favor the interests of the rich and powerful, and fossil fuel companies, at the expense of…

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    Union of Concerned Scientists
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