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    Relax, You’re Probably Getting Enough Protein (But Maybe Eat More Plants)

    Western society has long been obsessed with protein. But for at least a decade, much of the media has been asking if this obsession is really that necessary—and according to experts, the general consensus is no, it’s not.

    “It’s not a nutrient that’s of grave concern,” Andrea N Giancoli, MPH, RD told The Washington Post in 2014. Two years later, sports nutritionist Robbie Clark told HuffPost that most Australians are eating “far more protein than they actually need.” And last year, medicinal chef Dale Pinnock told Men’s Health that the fixation on protein was an example of “bro science.”

    None of this is to say that protein is not important. It very much is. Protein is an essential macronutrient—it helps with muscle growth and repair, enzyme function, hormone regulation, immune system support, energy levels, and more. It’s just that the average person likely…

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