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    Joby granted exclusive eVTOL air taxi operations in Dubai

    eVTOL developer Joby Aviation has signed a definitive agreement with the government of Dubai to begin air taxi operations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), sweetened by the exclusive rights to aerial operations in the country’s capital for six years.

    Competition is starting to heat up in the eVTOL world as several major players in the segment move ever closer to commercial eVTOL operations around the globe. As a result, we are starting to learn which companies will legitimately bring full-scale air taxi operations to reality and who will do so first.

    Joby Aviation ($JOBY) is one of those favored as its progress to date has been impressive. We saw Joby achieve its first flight with a pilot onboard in October 2023, quickly leading to a demonstration in New York City ahead of full-fledged air taxi operations expected to begin in 2025.

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