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    Your Slow Travel Guide: What Is Slow Tourism?

    In our consumer culture, travel has become the latest thing we consume. Many of us now travel to take photos to post on social media — we create ‘grammable travel moments instead of experiencing them. 

    When we travel, we often try to do as much as possible, as quickly as possible and forget to slow down and experience a place. This isn’t sustainable (and it’s also exhausting). Slow travel aims to address this. You can use this article as your ultimate slow travel guide. 

    Below, we’ll cover what slow travel is, why it’s important and how to slow travel sustainably and responsibly. 

    What is Slow Travel? 

    If you’re asking: what is slow tourism? it’s essentially traveling slower by choosing to stay in one place for a longer period. The primary slow travel definition means staying in a particular destination for three weeks or more.

    Some slow tourism examples would include…

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