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    Joby Aviation initiates first piloted eVTOL test flights [Video]

    eVTOL developer Joby Aviation continues to deliver key milestones in bringing its all-electric aircraft into commercial operations. Today, Joby confirmed it has completed multiple eVTOL test flights in California with a pilot onboard, with the video footage to back it up. See for yourself below.

    Joby Aviation ($JOBY) eVTOL company has been getting a lot of love from Electrek lately because, well frankly, it is delivering newsworthy milestones almost monthly and appears much closer to certified and scaled aircraft production compared to many of the other eVTOL developers we cover.

    Aside from its proprietary zero-emissions technology, Joby has separated itself from the aerial pack with the support from companies like Intel, JetBlue, and Toyota – the latter of which has evolved into a major partner.

    Aside from commercial businesses, Joby is also…

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