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    Facial Gel Moisturizers: Are They Right For Your Skin?

    Pop quiz: What are the two most common ingredients that make up a good moisturizer? Water and oil. This answer may seem deceptively simple, but let’s explore it a little further.

    Skin 101

    The topmost layer of our skin, called the stratum corneum, needs to be made up of at least 10% water to look and feel healthy — though 20-30% is ideal. But water, as we know, evaporates easily. That’s where other ingredients like emollients, humectants and occlusives come in. Often made from oil, these ingredients act as a barrier or sealant to lock moisture in the cells to stop water from evaporating. And a well-moisturized stratum corneum can soak up to six times its weight in water, nicely plumping the skin. Water also interacts with enzymes to help skin shed dead cells in an orderly way. Without water, dead cells pile up on the skin, making it red, chapped and rough. Skin that’s not…

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