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    Own an Apple Phone & a Gogoro Scooter? Things Just Got A Lot More Convenient

    Gogoro, a company offering electric mopeds and scooters with removable battery packs, recently announced some cool features for owners of both the company’s scooters and an Apple device. The vehicles can now be unlocked and started with phones or watches, found with Apple Find My, and otherwise enhanced with other key Apple integrations.

    About These New Features

    The biggest thing Gogoro featured on the announcement website was that the scooters can now be unlocked with Apple Wallet. With express mode, you don’t even need to unlock your phone. As long as it’s powered on, you can put the phone up to the scooter and unlock it. Unlocking can also work in power reserve mode. Access can be shared with friends in a few steps, and it also works with Apple watches.

    According to the company, the key never leaves the device and nobody logs when your scooter is started and stopped. So,…

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