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    For first time, the Super Bowl will run on 100 percent clean energy

    It’s Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas. The city’s bright lights and grand marquees are shining as thousands of fans arrive by air and by car. Taylor Swift almost certainly will fly in aboard her jet, one of about 1,000 private planes expected at local airports. Come Sunday, untold numbers of vehicles will inch into parking lots. Once inside Allegiant Stadium, fans will be greeted by lights and more than 2,200 screens. They’ll order cold beers and hot coffee, scarf down burgers and nachos and other grilled and fried and broiled snacks. The whole place, all 1.8 million square feet of it, is climate controlled for the comfort of 65,000 fans and the players they’ll be cheering on. 

    In short, the day’s festivities will suck down a lot of energy, around 28 megawatt-hours by the estimate of NZero, the company the Las Vegas Raiders hired to keep tabs…

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