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    Why I Want Some ‘Pests’ in My Organic Garden

    In my article on organic gardening mistakes, I spoke about how it is a mistake to try to eliminate pests entirely. And as a continuation of that article, today I thought I would share some examples of pests I have in my organic garden and delve a little deeper into why I want these creatures around.

    Talking about “pests” can be misleading, since, like the term “weeds”, it categorizes certain species into an undesirable group. But while these species can be problematic at times, it is important not to become too black and white in your thinking or to view these creatures as enemies.

    Remember, though pest species may cause some problems for you as a gardener, they are also a crucial part of the garden ecosystem upon which you, as a gardener, depend. They each have their place within the system and play a role in its ecology. 

    Wanting some pests around is not just a case of…

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