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    White Moustache Yogurt Founder Shares Her Story

    Making yogurt using old-​world techniques is a quiet but powerful act. It is an uncompromising exercise in using all parts of what the environment and climate give us. It pays homage to one of the most sacred ingredients we get from nature: milk.

    Our products are handmade and labor intensive at The White Moustache, a handmade, hand-strained yogurt business based in Red Hook, Brooklyn that I founded with my father. Our business model is by design and intention not a volume business (and thus sometimes confusing to potential investors). The goal isn’t to learn how to mass-​produce, but to profit by staying small and connected to the product and our sources and our customers. And my heritage. This is our quiet political statement.

    White Moustache Yogurt will always find a way to use whey

    Merely existing is not the end of our advocacy…

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