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    Where is the Demand for Sustainable Products Going and Why

    If we look back two to three decades ago, single-use plastic was not as rampant as it is today. While people largely carried shopping bags from home, products like milk and soft drinks were packaged in reusable glass bottles; hygiene and sanitary products were reused too. The Indian plastics industry started burgeoning in the year 1957. However, plastic consumption as a part of our lifestyles soared during the late 80s. If we were to term these 30 years as the ‘plastic era’, one would observe a gradual shift in consumer preferences for single-use plastic items towards the end of this decade.  

    With the rising number of global organizations and initiatives taken towards spreading awareness and curbing plastic pollution, we are soon to witness an era of planet-friendly consumerism in the retail sector. The Global Sustainability study conducted by global strategy and pricing…

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