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    When Is the Perfect Time to Practice Yoga? • Yoga Basics

    It can be tempting to practice yoga whenever you can squeeze it in, but choosing the best time for a regular practice is key to maximize the benefits of your practice. When it comes to finding the perfect practice time, it doesn’t have to be a strict routine or an exact time of day. Depending on your personal preferences, schedule, type of yoga, lifestyle and health needs, the best time will vary for everyone. What matters is that you find a time that works for your individual needs, creates consistency, and fits into your daily schedule.

    When is the best time to do yoga?

    To determine the ideal time to practice yoga, it is important to consider the types of yoga you practice and the lifestyle commitments you have at different times of the day. Considering your daily schedule and energy levels, it may be beneficial to choose a time when you are feeling most energized and can give…

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