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    What To Do With Autumn Leaves

    Ah, fall. Back to school, sweater weather, and warm drinks. Those brightly colored leaves are beautiful on the trees, but they lose their appeal when they start falling to the ground. Now, last week’s kaleidoscope of natural color become this week’s tedious yard work. But even fallen leaves have value. Here are five do’s and a don’t for dealing with autumn leaves.

    Don’t Blow It Off

    Don’t use a leaf blower. Simply blowing the leaves off your property into someone else’s is just rude. Blowing them into the street will clog storm drains and cause flooding when it rains. But even if you blow your leaves into neat piles, you’re still creating a lot of unneighborly noise and pollution.

    Curbside Yard Waste

    Leaves are not garbage. If your city offers yard waste collection service, use it. It’s the same amount of work to rake your leaves and scoop them into a bin (or bag…

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