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    What Is Skin Care Cocktailing?

    These days, we are becoming more aware of skin care ingredients and what they can do for our complexions. Whether it’s via social media, beauty blogs or our estheticians, information about skin care products is all around us. And with more exposure to the ingredients and their benefits for the skin, plus tutorials at our fingertips, there’s no end to the different recipes we can tweak to make our skin care work at its most optimal level. Read on to learn about the concept of skin care cocktailing and how it can shake up your routine.

    What Is Skin Care Cocktailing? | How To Mix An Effective Cocktail | Cocktailing Step-By-Step | Combinations To Try | Mixing Masks | Combinations To Avoid 

    What Is Skin Care Cocktailing? 

    A multi-step skin care regimen is no longer thought of as high maintenance, it’s just kind of the norm these days. After all, if one effective product is…

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