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    Two Charging Companies Respond To Ford’s Adoption Of The Tesla/NACS Plug

    Yesterday’s announcement that Ford’s future vehicles would be equipped with Tesla’s NACS charging connector (Supercharging port) signaled a big shift in the industry. Before the announcement, Tesla was using its plug and everyone else was using the CCS1 plug in the United States. It seemed like this would continue indefinitely, as manufacturers of both vehicles and charging equipment have been using CCS for years. So, the Ford announcement wasn’t just one company’s decision, but possibly a break in the dam holding Tesla’s plug back from further adoption in the industry.

    But it’s not a foregone conclusion that the rest of the industry will follow Ford’s lead. Tesla fans will say that the other companies just need more time to see the light and do things the right way (read: Tesla’s way). There are some merits to that position, as Tesla’s charging experience has…

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