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    Trek’s New Electra Kākau Is The Go-to E-bike For Surfers

    Trek builds a seemingly endless variety of bicycles, including mountain bikes, road bikes, tri bikes, kids’ bikes, and everything in between – but where I think they really shine is cruisers, and their Electra brand is the Rolls Royce of the category. Today, we’re going to talk about the newest Trek-built bike to wear the Electra badge: the all-new Kākau Go!, inspired by Polynesian culture and its rich surfing history.

    Image courtesy Trek.

    The Electra Kākau is a stylish, eye-catching e-cruiser with some fun design touches meant to act as an homage to “the birthplace of surfing.” Touches like the matte ember frame that resembles volcanic rock, wood grain that represents the wood of the Kao tree, used for early surfboards, and traditionally Polynesian tribal patterns ghosted onto the frame tubing, fenders, seat, and chain guards.

    Those tattoo-like patterns also give this…

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