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    Toyota aims to make more hydrogen vehicles than solid-state EVs by 2030

    Even if all goes well, Toyota’s solid-state battery tech isn’t going to be making up any significant portion of the EV market—or Toyota’s own output—by the end of the decade. 

    That’s a reality check contained in a recent document that perhaps serves to temper some of the recent hype over solid-state battery tech, which promises faster charging and lighter weight, two game-changing aspects that might make EVs click for the mass market in the future. Toyota’s plans for the tech in particular have made headlines for their alleged possibility to accelerate into the figurative fast lane, gaining an advantage on Tesla and other automakers. 

    Toyota solid-state battery prototype

    In a recent piece from the automaker’s Toyota Times newsletter, it provided a detail that hadn’t been included in other recent releases: “​In the mass production phase anticipated for 2030…

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