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    TikTok’s Best Tips For Upcycling Your Thrifting Finds

    Our last few tips have involved some more complex sewing techniques, but we’ll round out with one that can be done by thrifters of all levels. If you find a used piece that you love but you’re not quite sold on the color, simple dyes can be your best friend. Cait, a TikTok thrifter with a million fans, showed off the power of a little color best. After thrifting a lace white dress, she dyed it baby blue and achieved perfect “Cinderella vibes.” 

    Dyeing has the added benefit of obscuring any stains or imperfections that a garment may have collected over years of wear. For darker-colored pieces, other users prefer bleach. If you’re looking for exact results when it comes to color, you may want to try out your formula on a smaller sample of the fabric first. 

    No matter how you choose to thrift, we’re confident you’ll achieve styles that are to dye for (sorry — that’s…

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