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    This floating fence can catch plastic waste before it hits the sea

    It’s the kind of thing which makes you wonder why no one had thought of it sooner — hell, why you hadn’t thought of it sooner. 

    The vast majority of oceanic plastics come from land, delivered to the sea via rivers.

    German startup Plastic Fischer’s solution to curb plastic pollution is wonderfully simple: catch it in a floating fence. Their device, called the TrashBoom, has already collected over 250 metric tons of waste in India and Indonesia since April 2021, CEO and co-founder Karsten Hirsch tells Freethink, and its design available open source for anyone to construct.

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    Plastic Fischer, based in Cologne, was founded in 2019 by three German students, Hirsch and his friends Georg Baunach and Moritz Schulz. The year before, they celebrated Hirsch’s graduation from law school by taking a trip to Vietnam in the winter of 2018. 

    It was there, in their Cà Mau…

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