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    This Chinese electric mini-truck can haul more than a Ford F-150

    I love my wife, but I’ve got a whole section of my heart fully reserved for electric mini-trucks. They live rent free in my mind and I consider them to be one of the coolest innovations that trucks have seen in the last several decades.

    As American cars and trucks continue to become more bloated, turning themselves into lifestyle vehicles instead of work tools, electric mini-trucks have been picking up the slack.

    I own a Chinese electric mini-truck and it has seen more real work usage than most pickup trucks on the road today. It ain’t no grocery-getter, to say the least.

    Unlike with many new pickups, whose owners seem to be afraid of actually hauling anything in back lest they scratch it, I just had to install a new bed liner in mine after 18 months of shovel dings and drag marks.

    chang li minitruck mini-truck micah toll
    My mini-truck is already awesome, but it can’t compare to…

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