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    The Inside Story of ‘the Largest Conservation Agreement in the History of the World’

    On Saturday, March 4, world leaders finally agreed on a treaty to protect the high seas. 

    The accord reached by the Intergovernmental Conference on Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction establishes a mechanism for sharing the benefits of scientific discoveries from marine life, enforces environmental impact assessments for new human activities in international waters and makes it possible to create protected areas in the open ocean. 

    “It’s going to provide first-time protections ever for half of the planet that has not ever had that,” Greenpeace USA senior oceans campaigner Arlo Hemphill told EcoWatch in an email. “And that makes it the largest conservation agreement in the history of the world.”

    It’s also not one that was reached easily. The final agreement is the work of more than a decade of formal negotiations and two decades of political…

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