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    The Importance of Mascara in Achieving a Flawless Makeup Look – 100% PURE

    It’s the item in our makeup bag that we use without really ‘batting an eye’ – enter mascara! We just whip out that old wand, take a swipe, and voilà – eye-catching, flirty lashes await! Then you take a step back from the mirror, and whoa – clumpy, stuck-together lashes are awaiting like more of an eye sore.

    When lumpy, sad lashes steal the thunder from your overall makeup look, it’s time to get to the ‘root’ of the problem with your mascara and application technique. But with so many different types on the market, choosing the right one for your lashes can be overwhelming – until now!

    We’re here to show you the full powers of a natural mascara, which one will work for you, especially with lengthening mascaras, and how to correctly apply mascara to achieve a flawless makeup look! It’s your eyes but better, dramatically changed in the blink of an…

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