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    At Glen Ivy Hot Springs, a new CBD infusion enhances the therapeutic experience

    Inside the treatment room at Glen Ivy Hot Springs, I fidget on the massage table before the therapist enters the room. My face is buried into the cradle. After three deep inhales of aromatic oil, the session begins. A light pressure is applied from my shoulders to my back facilitated by Glen Ivy’s latest offering, CBD massage cream by CBD Care Garden, extracted from hemp. Within minutes I am still. My breath becomes deeper and slower.

    Last August, Glen Ivy Hot Springs, in Corona, California, added CBD Care Garden massage oil or cream as an enhancement option to massage services. According to Vanessa Marquez, cofounder and CEO of CBD Care Garden, cannabidiol aids in reducing inflammation and joint and muscle pain, and reduces the body’s stress response.

    Wellness seekers receive the benefits of massage a…

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