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    The BMW i4 eDrive 35 M Sport Lands In South Africa At A Very Competitive Price

    For a very long time, battery-electric vehicles have generally been more expensive than comparable internal combustion engine vehicles. The gap between the upfront purchase prices was so high at times that it could only be justified by the lower total cost of ownership advantage that BEVs have from a financial point of view. The environmental benefits are clear and have been well documented before on several platforms even with today’s grid energy mix, and the grid will keep getting cleaner over time in more places around the world. The TCO analysis is a pretty straightforward thing for professionals like fleet managers, but for the general consumer who is in the market for a car for personal use, first impressions usually focus mainly on the upfront purchase price comparison.

    Because of the high demand for EVs in several markets, up until very recently, OEMs could keep the…

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