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    The best mystery thriller on Netflix ignores a basic fact about hydrogen energy

    The most entertaining science fiction starts with a kernel of real science and grows it into something far beyond the boundaries of our current reality.

    But instead of a kernel, the scientific nugget arrives in the form of a crystal in Netflix’s latest sci-fi-inspired murder mystery caper, Glass Onion.


    (Spoilers ahead for Glass Onion!)


    Glass Onion imagines what it would be like if a murder unfolded during a weekend getaway on an eccentric billionaire’s island. The movie’s title refers to the massive mansion — in the shape of a glass onion — which is powered by a small hydrogen crystal the billionaire dubs “Klear.”

    It’s a supposedly radical hydrogen fuel technology that fits into a small crystal you can hold in your hand. Here’s how the movie describes Klear:

    “I’m gonna unveil the future. You know what this is? That’s a new solid hydrogen fuel. It’s…

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