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    Tesla starts bringing Cybertrucks to showrooms ahead of launch

    Tesla has started bringing Cybertrucks to US showrooms ahead of the official production launch at the end of the month.

    We are finally less than two weeks away from the Cybertruck delivery event.

    After unveiling the pickup truck four years ago, we are finally going to get all the production specs and pricing with the first deliveries on November 30th.

    Despite us not having this information yet, Tesla is apparently already bringing the Cybertruck to showrooms in the US.

    John W. Davis spotted one being delivered to Tesla’s store in the Westfield UTC Mall in San Diego.

    He shared a video of the vehicle in the store:

    He wrote in the video description:

    “This is the first Tesla Cybertruck on public display. It was delivered to the Tesla Showroom at the Westfield UTC Mall in the La…

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