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    Tesla Opens Some South Korea Superchargers To All Electric Vehicles

    As Tesla got massive buy-in from automakers in the United States to use its North American Charging Standard (NACS), effectively giving access to Tesla Superchargers to the vast majority of future electric vehicle models, some of us have wondered if Tesla would also open up Supercharger access to EVs in other countries.

    Of course, opening up Superchargers to non-Teslas actually started in Europe. Tesla started trialling this at select stations a couple of years ago. It seems the reason for it was to qualify for subsidies and, even more importantly, government permits to install Superchargers in various places in Europe. Opening up Superchargers in Europe was one thing. It seemed targeted and minor, limited in scope. The US story in which most automakers are now planning to design EVs with the NACS charge port by default is something else, though. (Also note that Tesla uses a…

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