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    Tesla Bull: Price Cuts May Prove “Competitive Advantage”

    Electric vehicles are becoming more popular among buyers, and for most, Tesla will be the obvious first name to come to mind on the subject. And while recent price cuts may cause some concern for bearish investors, others think that they could help woo buyers and prove Tesla’s competitive advantage.

    Tesla’s price cuts may actually prove the company’s competitive advantage, rather than losing its pricing power — at least according to The Motley Fool’s Dan Caplinger. The claim comes amidst many critics pointing to weakening demand for Tesla’s EVs in the U.S. and European markets, though there could be more to the story per Caplinger’s point of view.

    The announcement of the Model 3 and Model Y price cuts initially resulted in a sharp drop in price for Tesla’s shares, causing even more concerns for bearish Tesla investors. In addition to the U.S. and European markets,…

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