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    Sustainable Holidays: Gifts for the Kids

    This holiday season set a sustainable example for the little ones in our lives with gifts that consider our impact on the planet. Choose from the growing number of sustainably made, durable, easily recyclable, and entertaining gift ideas that can delight children and demonstrate your family’s commitment to our environment.

    It’s the most consumption-oriented time of the year. In addition to choosing fun, sustainable gifts set an Earth-conscious example by using waste-free and low-waste gift wrapping ideas, shopping locally and planning meals to avoid piles of leftover food after family dinners, and help the kiddos understand how and where to recycle cards and gift wrap. You’ll help your descendants set lifelong habits with the efforts you make today.

    Join us in making this holiday season green, merry, and bright for our kids and planet. We searched for ideas from companies that…

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