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    Stellantis and CATL Join Forces for European LFP Batteries

    When it comes to building an EV, the hardest thing is usually the battery. EVs are simpler in most respects, but finding a gas tank supplier is a lot easier than figuring out who has the mines, refining, battery manufacturing, and battery pack assembly chops to supply the electric motor with power. Plus, the gas tank never has to compete with home energy storage, laptops, phones, and anything else for materials.

    So, it’s always good news when a manufacturer gets a battery deal put together.

    Recently, Stellantis and CATL announced an agreement to supply LFP battery cells and modules for EVs in Europe. Another goal of this collaboration is to explore a further and deeper relationship between the two companies, and this could lead to a joint venture. The agreement covers two important goals to get there: building a bold technology roadmap to support Stellantis’ future EVs, and…

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