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    Six of the best hiking trails in Seoul

    Seven tips to hike responsibly in Seoul

    1. All the peaks in Seoul are accessible through the city’s state-of-the-art public transportation, so use subways and buses to arrive at the trailheads. 

    2. Do your best to support local businesses. There are independent cafes, restaurants and shops near all of the mountains. 

    3. Leave no trace behind. Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle, take any litter with you and don’t disturb the natural surroundings.

    4. Prepare in advance, researching information on the area you plan to visit as well as precautions to avoid environmental damage or wildlife disruption. Information on the Bukhansan area and its hiking courses is available at the Seoul Hiking Tourism Center.

    5. Be quiet on the trail and respect any wildlife you come across by keeping your distance. The ecosystems in the mountains of Seoul can be fragile, so make sure…

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