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    Regenerative Agriculture Helps New England Farmers and Climate

    Regenerative agriculture creates healthy food, healthy soil, and a healthier climate. But making the switch isn’t easy. Policymakers must take steps to help. Photo: Ecophotography

    Just over 10 years ago, Tropical Storm Irene ravaged Vermont. Streets and bridges washed out and homes flooded as rivers overflowed their banks. The storm proved especially devastating for the state’s farmers, who lost entire crops to submerged fields. Meanwhile, as those flood waters receded, they carried fertilizer, manure, and other pollution into our lakes, rivers, and streams.

    That storm prompted many New England farmers to re-examine how they farm. Since then, many have adopted a holistic approach to farming known as regenerative agriculture. Now, despite the increasingly intense and frequent rainstorms that have drenched Vermont since Irene, these farmers feel optimistic. They hope their…

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    Conservation Law Foundation
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