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    Our Sustainable City: Park(ing) Day

    On Park(ing) Day, street parking can be repurposed into mini-public spaces and more. Courtesy photo

    If you attended Portland’s Park(ing) Day last week, you got a glimpse of how public space could be used in a world without parking. Imperative to meeting our greenhouse reduction goals will be shifting some (or all) of our trips to other modes of travel — such as public transportation and biking. As we do this, our need for parking spaces will dwindle. Park(ing) Day explores the idea of what we might do with all of this extra public space, offering an opportunity to community organizations, businesses and residents to envision a world blooming with public art and green space in what was previously just a parking spot.

    Park(ing) Day is an international event that happens on the third Friday of September every year! People across the world temporarily repurpose street parking…

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