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    Open the Gates! 25% BEV Share in Europe!

    Even while the overall automotive market continued falling — in 2022 it was down 4% compared to 2021 — Europe’s passenger plugin electric car market had a historic month in December, with 413,500 registrations. That is a massive 46% improvement over the previous month of November, which had already beaten the December 2020 record of 282,000 units.

    This amazing result, no doubt influenced by the reduction of incentives in a number of markets, allowed the December plugin vehicle share to surge to a record 38%. There was 25% full electric vehicle (BEV) share alone. The 2022 numbers rose above 2.6 million plugin vehicle sales, with the 2022 PEV share ending at 23% (14% BEV). That’s a small jump from the 19% share (10% for BEVs alone) of 2021, but a significant departure from the 11% of 2020 and a far cry from the 3.6% of 2019. I think we can expect the 2023 plugin share to end…

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