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    Ohio, the state where a river caught fire at least 12 times, just voted to protect oil

    The Ohio House has voted on a bill to ensure that the state cannot ban gas-powered vehicles, protecting pollution in a state that has one of the worst environmental legacies in the US.

    One of the biggest environmental stories in the history of the US was when the Cuyahoga river, which runs through Akron and Cleveland, caught fire in 1969 when an oil slick on the water was set ablaze, damaging a railroad bridge.

    The fire made headlines and news spread across the country, and the story in some ways sparked the national environmental movement. But that’s not the only time the river caught fire – it burned at least a dozen times before that, due to constant oil slicks on the river.

    Despite that wake-up call, things haven’t improved much for Ohio since then. The state ranks 46th in air pollution and 48th in toxic pollutants, and 42nd place in life…

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