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    Letter: Green jobs, gun control will make America great | Letters to the Editor

    Gayle Hovey asks “How am I a threat to democracy? What am I missing?”

    It’s simple. “Make America Great Again” is associated with a con man, a criminal and a narcissist. Remember the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol; the “Hang Mike Pence” chants? Did you miss that? The con man encouraged his fans to attack. He has a mountain of debt and collects money from them by continuing to claim the election was stolen. How about the boxes of top secret documents that he took from to Mar a Lago? How is that OK? And to think of all the uproar over Hillary’s emails. This seems a thousand times worse.

    I think Trump believes our country is an extension of himself. He wants to rule all, and everything he’s doing follows a similar pattern of the fascists under Hitler.

    What you…

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